Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Big Graduation Day and My Wish

What an emotional rollercoaster ride today was!  Our oldest is now graduated!
Have I said how much I love that kid?  

We live in a small community, so the group of 22 students were more than just classmates, but a family that have been together since Pre-K.  It was obvious to anyone watching that they were close.  

I teared up looking at all of them and thinking about how those cute little boys and girls have grown up into wonderful young men and women.

My Facebook newsfeed has also been filled with photos from the district that I taught middle school in.  It was great to see photos of their graduation too.  

So, being the sentimentally nostalgic person I'm known for, I have one wish for Kris and all the graduating classes of 2015, thanks to Rascal Flats.

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