Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chicken pictures as promised....

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of our chickens.  I thought I had more, but these are the best ones.  I tried to attach a video, but haven't figured that out yet.

This handsome looking fellow is Rudy, our rooster.  Perhaps it will change, but he's a gentle guy, even letting me pet him.  I so enjoy hearing him "cock-a-doodle-do" in the mornings and occasionally throughout the day when he feels the mood.  I was worried about our neighbors, but they listen out for him.  That's comforting.

These are a few of our hens.  The lighter ones are Buff Orpingtons while the rest are Rhode Island Reds.  I love to hear how they coo when they're calm.

Busy, busy, bee....sort of.

Sorry for not posting in quite some time, life has been busy, and I've become much more of Facebook fanatic than I had planned.  My bad.  Other than my addition to social networking, and the farming games that I just can't seem to leave alone, we've added to our family.  Chickens!  We started with 7 chickens and a rooster that our friends gave us, and eventually added 10 more.  Many of them are layers, so we've been collecting eggs gallor!  After having "ridding" of 3 and losing one to old age, we're now down to 13 chickens.  Our egg sizes have ranged from super jumbo (that poor chicken, she's the one who died) to slightly larger than my thumb.  My biggest fears are the neighborhood skunk that seems to be roaming around lately, and the weasels and raccoons that frequent our place.  We're hopping Bandit, our Husky, who is perched near the chicken/rabbit house, will keep those varmints at bay.

We've collected a variety of eggs, from 5 or 6 one day to at many as 14!  I can assure you, seeing how I was the one who cleaned the 3 chickens we killed, that those 3 were layers.  It was so facinating to see the undeveloped eggs in different stages in the chickens.  Gross, I know, sorry.  My friend, who taught me how to clean chickens, found two completely formed eggs that the chickens didn't get a chance to lay yet that day.  The shells were hard and everything!  Really cool! The downside to cleaning chickens, however, is the smell.  I'm fine until I start taking out the innards to separate the heart, gizzard, and liver for those who wanted to eat it.  One of my friends from work suggested putting Vicks under my nose to "replace" the stink of the chickens once I get to the innards.  Perhaps next time I'll give it a try.  I'll try to post pictures soon, and if I can figure it out, I've got a couple of videos too that I can add.  Until next time...