Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Old Garage

Six years ago, Hubby decided to tear down the old garage that he had and build a new one. The old one was in dire need of being torn down and replaced. Looking at it, one would be surprised that it was still standing. Within a months, we had a nice 3-bay garage; two doors in the front and one in the back for the tractor, four-wheeler, or snowmobile to head toward the trail behind our house. It was given a nice wrap of moisture paper, three bay doors and there it sat, waiting to be finished for 6 years.

Why didn't we put siding on it for all that time? Good question. I guess after a while we just got used to it and didn't think twice about it. But at the beginning, we couldn't decide what kind of siding we wanted to put. Did we want vinyl, cement board, shingle siding, or what? Were we planning on doing the siding on the house now or could we wait? So we decided at one point to just wait until we decided to change the siding on the house. Then life happened and money became short and putting siding on the garage became less and less of a priority. Then the day came that we decided to put our house for sale; that's when the unfinished garage became an issue.

We weren't dumb. We understood that the garage was probably preventing us from selling the house for the price we wanted, but at this point, covering the garage with any kind of siding was not going to happen any time soon. Especially when only one of us was working while the other one was back in school after having been laid off. We resigned to the fact that we weren't going to cover the garage with siding and we probably won't sell the house because of it.

Last week it happened! We were driving down the main road heading to get some ice cream when we came upon a garage sale. We love summer because of garage sales and we never hesitate to stop. Anyhow, we drove up and got out to take a look. There it was. Enough siding to cover our garage, and it was a pretty close match to the color of our house. Guess how much. No really, take a guess. Let's just say that Hubby and I had priced vinyl siding at a local major hardware chain store of about $800, and that was a rough guesstimate, too. We probably didn't consider all the doodads that needed to be included either. Have you ventured a guess yet? The man was selling never-been-used vinyl, including j-channels (whatever they are) and corners for $150! You can imagine that we jumped at the chance. This Saturday and Sunday Hubby, along with his dad, worked to put up the vinyl. What a difference it makes! We still need to pick up a different color to put on the ends to match our house, but it's amazing the difference!

What's the moral to the story? No. It's not to avoid procrastinating or that one needs to plan better before starting a project, although those would be great morals to take from this blog. Rather, that things all fall into place accordingly. Perhaps our house won't sell because of the siding, or perhaps it will, but someone else has a plan for us and if we're willing to do the work, He's willing to give us a helping hand.