Friday, June 19, 2015

Made it!

I'm proud to say that I have completed, and survived, my first year of teaching  high school!

I know, some of you are thinking, "Big Deal."  But for me it was!  I have been through several transitions in the past 4 years.  

During my last year of teaching middle school language arts, I was thinking about how I felt I was falling into a rut with my teaching, and that I needed to perk things up a bit.  Little did I realize that I would face challenges as a teacher in the years to come.  

Now, 4 years later, after having transition to an elementary teacher then a high school teacher, I can look back and be proud of myself.  

Perhaps I wasn't the best teacher this year, and that there was much more that I could have taught my students, but I did give it my best.  I followed the standards and learning targets that my district chose to follow, I tried to include not only reading material, videos and movies, but also bring people in or Skype with them.  Perhaps I could have added more rigor, but for my first year, I think I did very well.

Part of what I learned consisted of how to relate to my students.  Some were easy to relate to, but teenagers can be are complicated.  Not all teens will respond the same way. Some (okay many) are moody, and many a lot of them have too much drama going on.  Much of what I had to learn was how to reach them all, get them to agree to stay on task (to some extent) for the time they were in my class, and get their work done in a timely manner. all.

The best thing about this year now behind me, is that now I have a whole school year in this content and grade level under my belt.  I know what worked, what did, and what I would like to improve on for next year.  I plan to start the year much differently than last year, too.

Now that our year has ended, and I'm sitting here at 11 at night waiting for Kris' uniforms to be finished in the dryer so he has them for work at 4 AM tomorrow morning, I'm reflecting on the year.   I'm also trying to decide whether to have an ice cream so late in the evening or not.  I don't have any wine in the house, so I'm thinking an ice cream will work just fine.

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