Sunday, June 28, 2015

Negativity and MY Freedom of Speech

This past week marked a landmark decision, Obergefell vs. Hodges, of the US Supreme Court preventing states from acknowledging the union of same-sex couples.

I'm a big fan of Facebook, and I'm on it more than I probably should be.  And many of my "friends" on it aren't afraid to voice their opinions on various topics, and marriage equality was definitely one of the hot topics this week.  

I know that some of my family and friends, especially those who are very religious (ironically) are opposed to marriage equality.  Marriage equality isn't the first to be controversial, as this picture proves.  

It wasn't that long ago that interracial marriage was deemed illegal, too.  Now not many, at least in my neck of the woods, blink an eye when you see a couple from different races. 

I understand where those opposed to same-sex marriage are coming from.  They feel that God's intentions for union was between a man and a women.  

I get it.  However, what loving God would create people who are lesbian, gay, transsexual, or transgender, and not want for them to be loved and happy?  

Who am I to decide how other people should live?  Who am I to judge others based on who they love?  Would I wish for others to be miserable, angry, depressed, lonely, or unloved?  What kind of Christian (or Catholic in my case) would I be?  Is it really our place to instill the values of our faith upon others who probably don't share our belief systems?

I know several same-sex couples, and at least one of them are married.  I feel nothing but joy for them.   What concerns people most about marriage equality?  Why do people feel threatened?  

Thank you for letting me say my peace about the issue.  Love is Love! 

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